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Ananta Sayanam

It can be described as Lord Maha Vishnu’s most magnificent pose. Vishnu is lying on the serpent Ananta floating in the ocean of milk. It shows the relation between finite and infinite. Bhagwan rests his head on the lap of Lakshmidevi. At the same time, Bhoodevi is offering prayers at the feet. Lord Vishnu himself worships Lord Shiva. Bhrigu Maharshi, the father figure of Lakshmidevi is near her while Markandeya muni, the father figure of Bhoodevi is standing near her at the feet of Lord Vishnu. Soorya and Chandra are seen praying, standing in opposite positions. Indra, Narada muni, Shuka Maharshi, Garuda, Sanakaadi Rishis, Ashwini devas, Saptarshis, Ashtadikpalakas are also seen.

A very detailed work on a big canvass of size 100 sq ft, reflects the vast research, hard work and skill of the artist. 

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