About Us

Chitrathara is a Kochi-based mural artist, passionate about taking Kerala’s traditional mural painting art to new levels and new times. 15 dedicated years in mural art and 1000’s of well-appreciated works ensure her niche space in the mural world. She has participated in a lot of exhibitions held in different parts of India.

Very much fond of drawing and painting since childhood, Chitrathara later became enthusiastic about the rich and unique mural paintings in Kerala temples, museums, and galleries. She got trained in traditional mural art too. Vast and in-depth reading and study as well as impeccable talent gave her enough arms and ammunition to protect and take forward the traditionally and culturally precious art form.

In order to create, she draws images and themes from her inner soul. She has been acquiring deep knowledge in ancient art, culture, epics and Indian/Hindu epics, and mythology. The excitement and experience she nurtured throughout these years and earned from her journeys along the length and breadth of India to observe the ancient wall paintings make her works a true reflection of Indian mural art and heritage. While deep-rooted in tradition and culture, she brings her own touch and imagination too into the works.

She has a special love towards Kerala mural paintings using natural colouring materials and at the same time, she does create vibrant murals with acrylic paints on canvas.